Cutlass 2020
Cutlass 2020
Cutlass 2020

Cutlass 2020

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The Cutlass is specifically designed for riders who like to mix rail to rail surfing with aerial trickery. There are days when you just wish your board was turbo charged. For these days you need the Cutlass. A short and moderately wide outline, a fast rocker line, and a quad fin set up. All the elements needed for sharp turns and quick acceleration.

The Cutlass is the ideal board for small to mid sized waves or no waves at all. It’s perfect for mixing strapless freestyle and sufing in any type of wind conditions. Due to its fast rocker line, the Cutlass will be your go-to board when the winds are less than perfect.


Curvy outline with the wide point forward and a fast rocker.


  • Step Rail Design
  • Inline strap configuration
  • Quad fin box
  • Bamboo sandwich

Includes four (4) RTM hybrid bamboo/soric fins, rear deck pad.
Front pad sold separately.

Design: Pete Cabrinha

Style Slector

Cabrinha Cutlass 2020 Style Guide

Cabrinha Cutlass 2020 Style Guide


Cabrinha Cutlass 2020 Step Rail
Cabrinha Cutlass 2020 Quad Fin Box
Cabrinha Cutlass 2020 Bamboo Sandwich
Cabrinha Cutlass 2020 Inline Strap Configuration